Education Opportunities

Lash Training 101: Classic

Looking to break into the lash industry? In this 6hr class you will learn all the fundamentals of being a great lash artist! We cover theory, design, sanitation, business development, and live model demo and practice. The price of the class is $600 with $200 of that due as an initial deposit. Class includes full hand selected kit, training manual, mannequin head and certificate.​

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 Lash Training 102: Volume 

Already a lash tech and ready to learn the latest techniques? Designed for lash artists that have already mastered the art of classic lashing, this class brings you forward into the land of VOLUME! This is a 4hr class that focuses on volume theory, design, and placement. Learn to make beautiful fans by hand! Class includes live model practice, hand selected lash kit and certificate. The price of this class is $400 with $100 of that due as an initial deposit.​

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Lash Training 103: Refresher 

Have you already taken a classic or volume class, but you don't think you got everything you need?  This class is 1 on 1, we build your class a la carte based on your areas of weakness and concepts that you're not yet comfortable with. This course is 3hrs at $300. $100 deposit is required to book this course, payment does go towards total balance. This course does not include a kit, but you will receive a manual and a list of my favorite products!

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